LumenGraph Framed 5x7 Photograph

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Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift?

LumenGraph creations make great gifts. Many people buy LumenGraphs as a gift to commemorate the birth of a new baby, celebrate a birthday or wedding, or honor the memory of a loved one.

This tabletop display is ideal for adding a personal touch to your home, office or creating a custom illuminated gift.

Displayed in a 5 x 7 frame back lit with LED’s, plugs into any USB port or outlet, with a switch to control the frame lighting.

Don’t wait months for custom artwork! With LumenGraph your order is ready in just a few days.

Your Image Upload

  1. Click "Upload and Image" and select an image from your phone or computer.
  2. Change the quantity for how many you want of that picture.
  3. If you want 3 of the same photo, then upload a single image, and select a quantity of 3, and add to your cart.
  4. If you want 3 of all different photos, then upload a single image, select a quantity of 1, add that to your cart. Then come back to this page, upload another image, select quantity of 1, and add to your cart, etc...
  5. If there is an issue receiving the photo, we will get in touch with you to work it out!

We will crop and edit the photo for you to create the best looking LumenGraph creation, and we always stand behind our work if you are unsatisfied with the finished product.